Intelligent leisure: accelerated evolution, the enjoyable way. 

“Study hard what interests you the most, in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”- Richard Feynman

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The machines are making us better humans

… or could, if we give them a chance …


We variously work to make money or meaning. If we’re lucky, both together. Choosing our work is a luxury of this time, across the social spectrum. I help people stop freaking out about tech, globalisation and financing.

New business and revenue models for traditional industries in peril, and prepping people for entirely new kinds of work – is my daytime speciality. 


Keynes predicted that by now we’d have so much free time that we’d have problems spending it. Mmm… neoleisure. Instead increasing time pressure breeds always-on workaholism. And numbing escapism. 

But, there is another way. The future of our species may depend on the gusto with which we embrace our idleness. Intelligent leisure ahoy!

Research. Skills. Sabbaticals!

Humanity needs a fresh operating system. Let’s help evolve this beast. Before the bozos win. 
(Besides, good nerdy fun yo). 

Far too many brilliant minds are lost, underchallenged or stuck working on frankly lame problems. Doing the wrong damn stuff. Enough already.

  1. HELP! What skills are worth learning now? Start on the quality free stuff.
  2. HELP! Business got weird. What are the critical trends in tech & new revenue generators for my field?
  3. HELP! Surely there is more to life than! Oh yeahhhh … :)

Don’t wait for credentials to get started! 
Our formal education mostly prepared us for the way the world used to work. Most of the skills wielded by the mighty pioneers, are self-taught or learned peer-to-peer now. With an internet connection you can arm yourself with how-to knowledge from the world’s best, and get tinkering with free tools. 

Be an edupunk. Build your own curriculum to make sure you have plenty of choice for the future. Yup, the robots are coming for the jobs. The dull, difficult and dangerous jobs. Get to know what is best for machines, and what’s best-suited for humans.
A 21st century skillset is not just code-craft.  

Whether you’re in a giant organisation or an indie entrepreneur, opportunities are mind-bending and multiplying! But … making it across the divide from creaky traditional business models with deflating markets, those novel opportunities, new global niches and the promise of digital organisational efficiencies, is perillous. 

Flight, fright, freeze is of no help when the chomp of extinction is gnawing at your revenues. Adaptation needn’t be terrifying though. It may even be fun and remarkably profitable. 

Take part in the open research. I’ll share back trend outlooks through 2016 that you might want try out in your own field. Tech+ banking & insurance, fashion, travel, news, health, education, music, agriculture … it’s all morphing in unexpectedly interesting ways. Explore, experiment, share what works

When existential crisis blows chaos across your path, steady the doubt with a good dose of edventure! 

Brainier leisure is a different and delightful beast from your average time-off. Micro-adventures, field trips, citizen science expeditions, structured-challenge sabbaticals or even bone-idle lolling – in the company of dazzling minds. Rather than just escaping reality awhile, these experiences e x p a n d reality for good. (Does this sound like your portion of delight? Let me know).