Inherited billions of years of evolutionary intelligence – now with added tech for godlike powers. Let’s spend that mental wealth like there’s no tomorrow.    

Study hard what interests you in the most undisciplined, irreverent 
& original manner possible.

Richard Feynman (that bongo-playing safe-cracking Nobel Laureate)

Me: Max Kaizen. (Yes, really).

I hunt out other people’s genius, raid history, deploy tech & scientific method to crack hard problems and prowl the borders of wonder.

In more formal roles, I do teach/speak/debate on transformative technologies to make them familiar, inviting and practical.

Strategic foresight, the future of work and the (massive) opportunities within UN Global Goals.  

BUT … what I secretly know is that “frivolous” learning embarked upon with merriment and curiosity-led adventure, could be our surprise escape hatch to snatching victory from dystopian doom. 

Anxiety tricks us into living a life so boring that it kills us long before our bodies surrender. Feeling safer helps us take more interesting risks. It starts with taking it all far less seriously.