Screw stupidity.
Smart is sexy. Just not as easy.*

Hello cutie

Study hard what interests you in the most undisciplined, irreverent 
& original manner possible.FF

Richard Feynman (bongo-playing safe-cracker)

Ha!  You scrolled down, I like you already, curious one.

Me: Max Kaizen. (Yup, really).
I hunt out other people’s genius, raid history, deploy sensible tech & scientific method+ an essential measure of merriment to help safely and systemically upgrade our human operating system

Wait that sounds bonkers, right? 

Basically, the old version of reality has fallen into the wrong hands, and *hoping* it’ll all magically get better, is dopey.

So, my job is to help “go first” kind of people discover how to make money in interesting new ways that don’t suck, and playfully nerdy ways to use their gorgeous brains better, together, as global citizens on a big bold mission.

Being called a “futurist” is annoying, but it’s what I’ve proven to be good for. Not prediction and punditry, but practically preparing people for important incoming risks and opportunities. With fundamental skills and evidence-based strategies for survival, and success. 

(But actually, I’m like that eccentric wizard-teacher you always wished for, but never got).
Reality is remixable. Let go, and let’s go …


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Arthur C. Clarke (1973)

BE READY (for almost anything) & HAVE MORE FUN

There are 3 ways to get stronger from chaos.
1. Be PREPARED – survival skills + new context skills (acuity to recognise and act on opportunities). 2. Get MENTALLY ROBUST, disciplined and resourceful. 3. Allies! Smart, funny, brave friends for safety & INTELLIGENT LEISURE. Ready to explore?