Study hard what interests you in the most undisciplined, irreverent & original manner possible.  – Richard FeynmanFF

Ha! look at that, you scrolled down. I like you already, curious one. Maybe I can assist with your mission >>

Me: Max Kaizen. (Yup, really).
I raid history, deploy strong tech, scientific method & other people’s genius to upgrade people, helping them safely escape decaying systems ➜ into profitable, adventurous ways of working that might just save our collective asses in time.
Listen, whatever it takes.

Most often that means pairing humans + machines to cultivate fresh evolutionary or economic opportunities. Sometimes it’s immersive learning, to spawn ingenuity and an ease with tech & business. Sometimes, brain-boosting intelligent leisure for the nerdy thrill of experimentation & expeditions into new realms (seriously, not boring). 

If you’re aching for a transformative sabbatical, or daring work to provoke your finest efforts –
or maybe you’re gently starting to panic about the future, and need to be better prepared.

B r e a t h e . You’re not alone. Let’s do this together.

Flirt with other lives

“You have the opportunity, here and now, to choose. To become something greater and nobler, and more difficult than you were before. The universe does not offer such chances often, G’kar.”  


Being prepared =  higher quality future freedoms.
Timeless fundamental skills + timely 21st century resourcefulness open up outsized advantages for work, wealth & health. It sucks that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed & fall behind. Don’t.


Mental muscularity is hot hot hot! Intellectually-stimulating playtime isn’t just for sexy neurogenesis yo. Brainy travels, citizen science, lifelong learning, daring polymath challenges, nerdy nights out  … feel the geekiness beckoning you (getting tingly, right?) 


Why live just one? Remix regular reality. Contain multitudes. Be more.