Maximillian Kaizen is not a New York Times bestselling author. Also, surprisingly, not a man.

She is a futurist 
technologist, speaker & cultural diplomat  who helps bright people “time-travel” to get more connected, prepared, and live more lives than most. 

Need a bio or intro?

Max Kaizen is a futurist, technologist and speaker

She transmutes unprofitable anxiety about the future into ingenuity, opportunity and (thrilling) lifelong learning practices. 

For over a decade, Max has lectured and led programs for universities & business schools like UCT GSB, Duke (Corporate Education) and Rhodes, in the opportunity-rich overlap of tech and business. With depth on emerging tech & trends, and breadth across sectors – she keynotes, MC’s and hosts conferences & hackathons. 

She is co-founder of Treeshake, a learning and strategic advisory firm helping pioneers and global organisations deepen their digital marketing and participative storytelling capacity to be understood, resilient & create movements. Clients include Ogilvy & Mather, World Economic Forum, Thirst, UNFPA, Lewis Pugh Foundation. 

Max serves on the editorial board of the Duke Menell Media Exchange strengthening the future of journalism in South Africa.

As a 2017 Inspiring Fifty (South Africa) award recipient, Max was recognised among the women progressing STEM fields globally.

Former lead for Creative Commons in South Africa, she’s helped businesses, scientists and artists understand and expand their intellectual property freedoms. She remains an activist for a robust, inclusive Internet for all. 

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