Maximillian Kaizen is not a New York Times bestselling author, but still manages to be of some value, as a hunter of genius

She’s an intelligence operative, recruiter and trainer for life’s immunity squad. Because the world got much weirder than most of us were prepared for. And we need more badass brains on the job.

As a practical philosopher polymath, deep-nerd entrepreneur, and teacher-toolmeister she helps bright people get braver and smarter (with more ease & fun). Max gets the call when people realise income is not the only outcome. Then helps them find their calling. 

She’s long suspected that brainy travel, and daring friendships may just save our collective asses. Sounds ridiculous, but if we’ve learnt only one thing, humanity, it’s that really silly ideas can win now, so she’s doing something about it.

[Okay okay … if you’re on this page, it’s likely you need to introduce me for a talk or somesuch. And the above, won’t fly in polite company]. 
Grown-up version follows: 

Max’s Current Bio/Intro

Maximillian Kaizen is a practical futurist, and cybernetics researcher.
She studies, and tests how trust economics + technology shape businesses, markets and evolutionary outcomes. 

Max’s experience spans sectors, as an entrepreneur, business educator and technologist. Oddly, it means she gets typecast as a hackathon judge. 

She is co-founder of Treeshake, a learning and advocacy firm that helps pioneers and global organisations mobilise digital advantage. Shareholder advisor to agritech startup Farmboek, activating ingenuity and contextually-relevant knowledge for African farmers. She’s a founder member (and connector-in-residence) at Barclays Rise (Cape Town), a global fintech exploratorium. 

Max speaks, MC’s, debates, and lectures at various universities and conferences. Either on the fundamentals of business practice for startups. Or pioneering opportunities using emerging tech. 

She loves teaching, whether as former partner and program director at the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy. Co-director and lecturer for Business Acumen for Artists at the  UCT Graduate School of Business. Leading the eNCA Digital Broadcast Management program for SPI Media Leadership at Rhodes University. Or truly transformative programs at RLabs.

Formerly Public Lead for Creative Commons South Africa, she still champions the protection of digital rights, global access and evolving intellectual property across science, commerce and culture. 

Max is building a research community (explorer’s society) for cognitively restless humans to get some ‘epic global mission’ in their leisure time. 

Expand-a-pack extras

(Max going back to 1st person voice here) Whether it’s career ADD or experience-junkie or smashing things off the 101 Things to Do Before I Die list = I’ve done a lot of things, and developed an array of skills that may be helpful to draw on. 

I will jot them down here in case you want to add interesting bits to the intro. But for now – please make use of the above. And mail if you need a high res pic or customised talk description.