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Don’t steal my ideas yo! Copyright 101 for creatives

What is Intellectual Property

Have you been feeling a bit sketchy about what you can do with other people’s work online, how to protect your own intellectual property, and how to make creative-wares using other artists’ works to enhance your own, without skidding into potentially dangerous infringement/piracy hazards, or shelling out $$$ in clearing […]

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Learn to sell your art, so you don’t have to sell your soul


And I use “art” very loosely here when I mean the creative products of your head and your hands and the tools you use to extend the reach of both. Whether writers, filmmakers, musicians, webdesigners, potters, poets, dancers, landscapers, crafters, carpenters, architects, hatters; whatever the avenue for the creative imperative […]

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This isn’t a textbook, it’s a guidebook to the digital territories for marketers, think travel-guide. Because frankly, we’re over the dull course-reader format. Those who come on our programs can dive into their alumni networks with links and videos and presentations, but it’s still handy to scribble on something during […]

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So you think you can change the world, yes


No grand 10th century castle – you couldn’t get there on a steam train from secret King’s Cross platforms – but this seemingly unexceptional building at 9 Ntemi Piliso Street, downtown Johannesburg is brimming and buzzing with magic. The Defense against the Dark Arts is for real. Here they’re battling […]

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Gathering some Jedi Masters >> the magic of mentorship


Charged with creating a strong support system for one of the most progressive programmes that UCT’s Graduate School of Business offers, I’ve gathered some of the brightest, biggest-hearted people I know, to offer back their battlescars and brilliance to a small band of artists going on a powerful learning journey. […]

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Creative Capitalism : Business Acumen for Artists

An extraordinary learning opportunity comes around but once a year. A very special business school programme that I am so moved by, that I support it wholeheartedly and recommend it wildly. Back for its 3rd year: BUSINESS ACUMEN for ARTISTS It’s a dream.manifest of Director of UCT’s GSB Executive Education, […]

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