Well-behaved women rarely make history.
(now with added technology)

Let’s build a starship already

Image: NASA

Cranking the limits is The 100 Year Starship, a jointly funded project of DARPA (the good folks who birthed the Internet) and NASA. It’s a call to our collective ingenuity and utterly bonkers audacity: interstellar flight!

February 10, 2013

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3 Hacks for 21st century Women Leaders

Learn to love your data! I can’t emphasize enough how powerful and practical your decision-making can become with this layer of clarity applied to your business, health, life. Women battle the bias of being labelled as making more emotional/irrational decisions. One of the greatest gifts that computing has offered us is overlooked as something for the domain of researchers and analytics dorks.

I’m an abiding fan of hunting for evidence, and there are simple, free and easy-to-use tools to track what lies behind your suspicions – even if maths is your kryptonite, you too can learn to love data-tracking. Being clear kills fear.With the strength of bottom-line numbers we gain the confidence to speak into our leadership calls with clarity.

February 23, 2011

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Geekgirls: Silicon.Free in the Silicon Cape?

I’m back in Cape Town next week for some wrap.up lectures at UCT, seeing beloved friends & family, working & meeting frenzies ..and catching the grand launch of Silicon Cape (last year’s World Mayor, now premier of the province, Helen Zille will be speaking to assure the gravitas of this […]

September 28, 2009

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CEREBELLA : beautiful brainiacs with digital powers


Cerebella is a network of ferociously-smart tech-enabled women who share their experiences & expertise to bring more bright young girls into tech and the brainier pursuits. It’s also about crashing the conviction that smart can’t also be sexy.
And.. to have the good taste not to take ourselves too seriously en route.

February 19, 2009

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Cerebella #3 [geek girls at Origin]

I’ve finally broken through my seemingly impassable writer’s block! And ladies first, with a huge thank you to the fine women who came to Origin. And to the fine staff & the divine David of Origin for letting us loose in your space and being brave enough to run an […]

August 25, 2008

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Promise to include the boys.. (next time)

It’s been a frenzied few months, but { Huddlemind } is getting stronger by the day and it’s time to look up from the books and get out to play. Many months ago at a geekdinner in Cape Town, the bright Sarah Blake suggested that we start doing geek.girl gatherings […]

April 2, 2008

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