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Don't steal my ideas yo! Copyright 101 for creatives

Don’t steal my ideas yo! Copyright 101 for creatives

Have you been feeling a bit sketchy about what you can do with other people’s work online, how to protect your own intellectual property, and how to make creative-wares using other artists’ works to enhance your own, without skidding into potentially dangerous infringement/piracy hazards, or shelling out $$$ in clearing the licenses to use them?...
Make life a good counter-offer

Make life a good counter-offer

be very clear about HOW you want people to behave, specifically. (to buy, subscribe, surrender, eat broccoli get the idea) be very clear (for yourself) about WHY you actually want that behaviour. make it EASY for them to take the action! offer motivation (start with feeling, then give an intellectual reason to substantiate if needed) be prepared to...