creative genius

Learn to sell your art, so you don’t have to sell your soul


And I use “art” very loosely here when I mean the creative products of your head and your hands and the tools you use to extend the reach of both. Whether writers, filmmakers, musicians, webdesigners, potters, poets, dancers, landscapers, crafters, carpenters, architects, hatters; whatever the avenue for the creative imperative […]

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Gathering some Jedi Masters >> the magic of mentorship


Charged with creating a strong support system for one of the most progressive programmes that UCT’s Graduate School of Business offers, I’ve gathered some of the brightest, biggest-hearted people I know, to offer back their battlescars and brilliance to a small band of artists going on a powerful learning journey. […]

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Ms. Carly Ritz is a blazing talent & worth putting on your watchlist >> she has a certain success trajectory ahead of her not just by virtue of apparent talent;
but possibly more so because she is exceptional, hilarious, visionary and heroic at the core. (spot the fan)
She will change the world ..don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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In Celebration of an Inspiration

There’s a little more than the standard warm fuzzies in this story >> It’s been a wild ride for Tertia lately and instead of crashing, she chose to use the power of participation on her blog to change the fortunes of a family. She’s raised hopes and a house for Harrison in 12hours flat. Check it out, and see if you don’t get all inspired to craft a your campaign to use YOUR powers for good!

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