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Future Skills
Make life a good counter-offer

Make life a good counter-offer

be very clear about HOW you want people to behave, specifically. (to buy, subscribe, surrender, eat broccoli get the idea) be very clear (for yourself) about WHY you actually want that behaviour. make it EASY for them to take the action! offer motivation (start with feeling, then give an intellectual reason to substantiate if needed) be prepared to...
Gathering some Jedi Masters >> the magic of mentorship

Gathering some Jedi Masters >> the magic of mentorship

Charged with creating a strong support system for one of the most progressive programmes that UCT’s Graduate School of Business offers, I’ve gathered some of the brightest, biggest-hearted people I know, to offer back their battlescars and brilliance to a small band of artists going on a powerful learning journey. .. 26 Mentors have stepped...

Creative Capitalism : Business Acumen for Artists

An extraordinary learning opportunity comes around but once a year. A very special business school programme that I am so moved by, that I support it wholeheartedly and recommend it wildly. Back for its 3rd year: BUSINESS ACUMEN for ARTISTS It’s a dream.manifest of Director of UCT’s GSB Executive Education, Elaine Rumboll, also a published...