Genius ≠ only mythical prodigies or lofty brainiacs.

Uncommon brilliance wastes away under-challenged,
in the wrong context ...or (worse) deferred to a waiting list.
Stop the horror. Don't let it happen to, or around you!

Skill up ferociously, travel intelligently, work ingeniously - life is too precious to let the bozos win.

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On Taking Breakthrough Intellectual Risks

On Taking Breakthrough Intellectual Risks

Break out your polymath tendencies. This is the kind of many worlds theory that might well save our collective asses. Nothing refreshes creativity like spending time in a discipline other than the one you feel at home in, even if it's awkward at first. We urgently need more intelligent people who can travel between multiple worlds...
Let's build a starship already

Let’s build a starship already

Cranking the limits is The 100 Year Starship, a jointly funded project of DARPA (the good folks who birthed the Internet) and NASA. It's a call to our collective ingenuity and utterly bonkers audacity: interstellar flight!
Don't wait

Don’t wait

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.”  – Mary Manin Morrissey There are those whose genius radiates from the heart. Their gift is not an EQ thing, it’s a steady, clear goodness that isn’t saintly or soppy either. It’s strong and funny and easy to be around, but...
Out where social media isn't a vanity sport

Out where social media isn’t a vanity sport

There was a time not too long ago, when the bit that followed Marlon Parker‘s name on a speaker’s list was “Cape Peninsula University of Technology”. One of those times was at a dinner to wrap up the 4th iteration of Nomadic Marketing. Marlon was introducing the Reconstructed Living project (RLabs), using that most loved-by-teens|vilified-by-teachers/parents...

stories trump stats

data takes on new life and utility when it's nested in stuff regular human brains can make sense of. It's well worth learning to wrap scary numbers in compelling tales to help others tap a little of their heroic alter-egos occasionally too.
Mandela Day: Ideas for 67 minute heroes

Mandela Day: Ideas for 67 minute heroes

Fortunately, unlike the great man whose life we’ll be honouring, our quest is only to make the world suck a little less on July 18; no repressive regimes to bring down, blessedly. To count ourselves lucky and to share a little piece of that luck with someone who could use a little.