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Go Follow Yourself

It’s been going on quietly for years; the brains and bodies of nerds and athletes have been coupled to all manner of sensors and data-netting gizmos (voluntarily and without medical intervention) from heart-rate monitors, biofeedback fingerware, sleep trackers, wearable cameras, oximeters, accelerometers, blood-pressure cuffs, GPS to old-fashioned stopwatches employed to track and map the data […]

Astronomy quick.fixes for starry.eyed wannabes

One of the delights of living in the Southern Hemisphere has to be its dense, dazzling night sky. Meandering to open spaces where the urban light veil falls away, yields a blaze of stars, the Milky Way (the Galactic Centre and magellanic clouds, a southern sky speciality), even man.made space objects twinkling back at us. […]

new social currency ATM : the Maverick mojo is back

It’s hard to quantify the small dizzy delight we find in discovering something out in the world that simply makes us happy, no explanation needed. Julie Andrews floods the mental stereo like peach-sugar (what, you have no idea what I mean? see the video at the end to absorb the culture young weedhopper).. Maverick magazine […]

So you think you can change the world, yes

No grand 10th century castle – you couldn’t get there on a steam train from secret King’s Cross platforms – but this seemingly unexceptional building at 9 Ntemi Piliso Street, downtown Johannesburg is brimming and buzzing with magic. The Defense against the Dark Arts is for real. Here they’re battling the very real forces of […]

Geekgirls: Silicon.Free in the Silicon Cape?

I’m back in Cape Town next week for some wrap.up lectures at UCT, seeing beloved friends & family, working & meeting frenzies ..and catching the grand launch of Silicon Cape (last year’s World Mayor, now premier of the province, Helen Zille will be speaking to assure the gravitas of this endeavour). Since the tech heads […]