October 31, 2012

Don’t steal my ideas yo! Copyright 101 for creatives

Have you been feeling a bit sketchy about what you can do with other people’s work online, how to protect your own intellectual property, and how to make creative-wares using other artists’ works to enhance your own, without skidding into potentially dangerous infringement/piracy hazards, or shelling out $$$ in clearing the licenses to use them? You’re not alone.

It’s well worth knowing your rights as a creative entrepreneur. Astonishing advantage is gathering on the side of the artists who understand how to do more interesting things with their intellectual property than could have been achieved 7 years ago. Come discover a little more about the amazing things you can do if you get know the rules (and where to bend them):

Deck from my session on Legal Rights & Copyleft at UCT Graduate School of Business, licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution Share Alike)

October 31, 2012