July 20, 2009

Creative Capitalism : Business Acumen for Artists

An extraordinary learning opportunity comes around but once a year. A very special business school programme that I am so moved by, that I support it wholeheartedly and recommend it wildly.

Back for its 3rd year: BUSINESS ACUMEN for ARTISTS

It’s a dream.manifest of Director of UCT’s GSB Executive Education, Elaine Rumboll, also a published poet and blues.singer, who realised that her fluency with business, negotiation and marketing was an exception among artists. She developed the rich curriculum for Business Acumen for Artists, lobbied to have this needed programme subsidized, and launched with some of the school’s finest minds offering their time on the faculty.


It offers that blessing of –when you thought you have to give up on your dreams and do some #*!!ing desk job to make it by in a recession– and the astounding stories of success born of Business Acumen for Artists backs this up. Whether by learning the language of business, dealing with money, the quality of teaching, mentorship or camraderie; something in those 13 weeks changes the future of those writers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, designers for good.


  • An on-campus, THIRTEEN week programme at one of the world’s most innovative and prestigious executive education units.
  • An immersive and PRACTICAL business practices course – finances, administration, marketing, negotiation made relevant and simple enough for artists to run singlehandedly.
  • You’ll be introduced to the freshest evidence.based understandings of how business works today – not your average juice.less abstract theory taught by people who’ve never stepped beyond the safety of academia.
  • Dave Duarte is on the faculty. Don’t know Dave? Worth coming for this session alone to have your perspectives scooped one level up. Between illuminating governments, corporate leadership, MBAs, he’ll be leading the marketing sessions  –  opening online opportunities to creatives, that even their fertile minds couldn’t have imagined –
  • 6 months of individual mentorship support from creative industry leaders

gsb-artistsokay, here’s the real clincher : the full cost for this business school programme is R 3 260. that’s it.seriously.
It’s worth pretending to be an artist just to get on this programme.

[go here for the official blurb] or call Mario on 021 406 1268 and have a chat with him for more details – or grab your place* on this programme (the group HAS to be limited because of the nature of the attention given, so get in there early and put forward your case to join the learning journey).

* (may even be worth offering as a life.altering gift for someone you love who’s battling to get their brilliance to market and more than make a living, start making a life from their creative genius.)

PS. if you’re a leader in a creative field; and bighearted enough to get involved by contributing your wisdom and time to nurture one of these young artists’ success, please connect in with me to become a mentor, and help change the trajectory of someone’s life. No pressure.

July 20, 2009