September 28, 2009

Geekgirls: Silicon.Free in the Silicon Cape?

I’m back in Cape Town next week for some wrap.up lectures at UCT, seeing beloved friends & family, working & meeting frenzies ..and catching the grand launch of Silicon Cape (last year’s World Mayor, now premier of the province, Helen Zille will be speaking to assure the gravitas of this endeavour).

Since the tech heads and urban visionaries will be gathering for said launch in Camps Bay, (and it’s spring!) it seems an awfully good opportunity to lure some of the city’s brightest women to a Cerebella lunch to debrief in a beachside cafe.
First invitations naturally go to the Cerebella list, but then we’ll open to those blessed with xx.chromosomes, a keen interest in technology and beautiful minds.
(click the pic for the event details)


REFERENCE bites on the Silicon Cape:

  • I think this was the first public post (though I remember Vinny making his intentions public at the Cape Town launch of Synthasite a while back).
  • Loved Guy Taylor’s take. And he’s a Jo’burger mind you.
  • For amusement, the Google search currently yields 4,340 for “silicon cape” 29/09/09


September 28, 2009