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Please don’t take offence if you haven’t had a speedy reply. Prod me on other networks if you suspect your message has gone amiss. I’m occasionally crap with email, & likely to swerve social events. Here’s why:

I’m a deep (INTP) introvert by default.

Chance favours the connected mind” – Steven B Johnson

Uncomfortably, part of my “calling” is connecting bright people. To opportunities, useful knowledge, thrilling missions, but more importantly: to each other. 

Frankly, I’d rather be donning the recluse cloak of invisibility in a library, lab or gorgeous hideaway well away from humans. But dammit, we can’t do it alone anymore. Things got messy out there, and duty calls. The grown-ups screwed up. We need a full global array of many kinds of minds to illuminate our way out of this treacherous time.

Besides, in the best stories, the comfortable/obvious option, isn’t the one worth listening to – it has no heart or guts.

Scaffolding social trust, & distributed cognition (extelligence yo), may not sound sexy, but HOW we do this, could be.

My small, improbable hunch is that global friendships + intelligent leisure may be our secret weapon.  Genius begets genius. Punk diplomacy FTW. More make less take. Let’s build stuff together.

Wow, you read ALL of that?!  It suggests  you’re more TENACIOUS than most, which is an increasingly rare trait.