November 8, 2007

Inspiration dose : the rockin’revolutionaries : Lessig & Wales double whammy

If you’ve been craving some purpose to tumble out of bed for, some fire in the belly, something to spark your passion again >>
Take a few minutes, stop what you’re doing & let the lucidity of Larry Lessig wash over you & clarify some of the nonsense that surrounds & shackles us.
You may be inspired to come join the worthy fight to free culture from the smothering stranglehold of fat.ass greed & imperviousness to LIFE and rich wild creativity
or just watch it ;-), trust me it’s brilliant, a TED classic!

Speaking of brilliant, the dazzling Jimmy Wales is back in South Africa for an unmissable event in Jo’burg on the 13th November. Proceeds go to the Wikipedia Academies starting to flourish and enrich South Africans learning & co.creating in their OWN languages (heaven knows we have a few here!).
People with this man’s visionary genius and determination are rare gems in a world collapsing in on itself under the weight of ignorance, fear and indifference.
Wikipedia is one of the most hopeful and practical projects to effect real change in the world right now. Treating the cause not just hacking impotently at the symptoms. Go find out why.

Pop onto the iCommons site & quickly grab a seat’s worth getting the global perspective from someone who refreshingly isn’t just a consultant on innovation, but actually is a world.changing innovator (who knows it may even inspire some rocking revolutionary behaviour in you – we love that!)

November 8, 2007