November 2, 2009

new social currency ATM : the Maverick mojo is back

we-heart-maverickIt’s hard to quantify the small dizzy delight we find in discovering something out in the world that simply makes us happy, no explanation needed. Julie Andrews floods the mental stereo like peach-sugar (what, you have no idea what I mean? see the video at the end to absorb the culture young weedhopper).. Maverick magazine was one of my favourite things (sigh).

And I wasn’t alone, peculiar that a business magazine could be a lovemark, but there it is.

In magazine materialization, with its suede-feel cover, fiercely clever and stylish innards, and that terrifically useful way of conferring at least the appearance of having joined the ranks of the knowing-nod cognoscenti. Business, power, tales of infamy and heart-wrenching heroism told through its pages with wit and fearlessness. Qualities that if in human form would have me buckle-kneed.*

In the crush and brutality of the recession Maverick was lost to its unexpectedly fierce legion of fans.

Thanks to the fighting spirit of its helmsman, Branko Brkic, the painful slam didn’t extinguish the soul. Invoking the Maverick mojo and calling some of the country’s most senior journalists to adventure in the digital realms; The Daily Maverick took its place in the world, launching smoothly just before Hallowe’en. Its DNA adapted to the new ecosystem, but Maverick fans looking closely will find that happy-making gene still there.


the daily maverickWe expect the superb quality writing, of course this is no repurposed regurgitated press-release mill, by default. Okay, the ad model is a touch of genius (simplicity against the usual enmeshed complexities of CPM, impressions and arcane billing structures of online ad placements) but for me, the cool things aren’t as apparent.

It’s in funny things, like discovering there’s a reader’s covenant..

Give us a tiny slice of your time and we’ll give you the world. We’ll also throw in a whole lot of fun, just to sweeten the deal. In the background, there’s a whole lot more to it, of course, but that’s all just detail. The Daily Maverick exists to provide you with the news, analysis, insight and opinion that you need. Whether you’re required to make big decisions or just want to hold your own over lunchtime conversation, we’ll provide the tools.

Here’s another promise: we won’t ever waste your time. We don’t let algorithms decide what is important and what is not. Our journalists and editors are humans, and some of the best and most experienced ones around at that. They’ve spent decades refining the craft and we think they’re pretty good at it.

We’ll do all of that for you, and we’ll do it with the greatest of integrity. Nobody will ever pay for our opinions, no matter the size of the chequebook. We will never sell your private information, or let somebody else dictate our agenda, or conspire behind your back.

Honestly, for most of my life I couldn’t have cared less about news. It all seemed a never-ending churn of tragedies from places you’ll never see in your lifetime about people whose fates you can’t change. Awfully good for curbing those irritating bouts of cheeriness when all seems well with the world. But the one thing that teaching globalization has taught me in return, is that no matter how far-flung, we’re all interconnected, life doesn’t happen in isolation anymore. The other, is that we CAN actually alter the fate of others on the other side of the world. One person, with the right knowledge can make the world of difference.

I, like so many of us who trade in knowledge, am compelled to ingest the news now, and would prefer not being swallowed by the depressing, drowning depths of data. The Daily Maverick promises FUN (no less!), an enjoyment in the news, for which I may be one of its toughest customers. It’s only the beta beginnings, but given the quality of minds gathering to make it so, they may well live up to that reader’s covenant.

Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win – Mohammed Ali

May the muses and the might of money be with you this round >>

* As it happened, just such an embodiment has meant that I am biased. As consort to the editor I may see through a brightened filter, but being lucky enough to have a ringside seat to the blood, sweat, tears – and resiliant rise again, I have respect for this uncrushable team beyond any loyalty. I dare you to go see if I’m wrong and The Daily Maverick doesn’t feel like the kitten’s whiskers ..and crisp apple strudel.

PS. For a little more insight on the indomitable team’s once and future visions, this meaty interview (The Media Online) lays bare what many oldskool Maverick readers have been burning to ask.
PPS. Simon Dingle weighs in on the revolutionary nature of TDM, as the return of quality, who’da thunk.

November 2, 2009