embracing the ephemera

Hey, you’re on my now page

I’m in spectacular Cape Town, South Africa.
Emerging from a deep period of active minimalism. With a heightened discernment for where my attention and resources are rewardingly deployed. But, #$!* no quelling of my rampant enthusiasm for everything. Across the sprawl of interestingness, these are the areas that I’m devoting time and testing to, now: 


Try as I might, these are the projects that won’t leave me in peace. So they’re getting built now. Caveat: unripened 

  • Talks – ready to get back into it, still tech + business, but for kicks I really want to try applying the “futurist” glamour, because even though I believe it’s bogus to wear that time-traveller mantle, I love time-shifting audiences and offering pragmatic ways to start experimenting for different scenarios (generally with free tools). Esp. keen on revisiting The Machines are Making us more Human
  • MacGuffin & Fogg smarter sabbaticals! brainy travel & intelligent leisure
  • Podcast – for realsies this time, preferably with funny megamind Colin Cullis (maybe Rise Radio)
  • Explorer’s Society: reducing loneliness and maximising the fun of quest-based social learning, citizen science and solidly nerdy pursuits with friends.
  • Gingerly returning to social media (discovered: invisibility is soothingly addictive)


  • Trust Economics Project – Index/Models/Tools 
  • 23watts (augmented intelligence the fun way –esp for kiddies and grownups who haven’t grown old and crunky in the head)
  • Contributing to an upgraded OS for humanity using machines and human ingenuity. Healthy, generative extelligence! 
  • Quantified Self – weighing up costs/benefits of restarting the local community 
  • Tool sharing – (other than Product Hunt) maybe a little like Kevin Kelly’s CoolTools
  • Playing around with the geography and emergence of genius through leisure 
  • Co/living + global nomadic work. The dazzling Paul Erdős (“new roof, new proof”) embraced it. Now it’s easier to dock into new contexts regularly. Results suggest it might be a worthwhile endeavour – though my INTP horror may flare. Because working at fintech hub ThinkRise has been an unexpected joy. 


  • Mentorship & Advisory for startups and gifted oddballs (specifically open business strategy, alternative revenue models, intelligent tech deployment & value-based marketing approaches). Very picky. 
  • Teaching by whatever means, helping people port safely into the future. Reducing tech terror, activating resourceful tinkering = more opportunities and fixes that don’t rely on wornout models and governments. Especially future of work skills + strategies
  • Openness activism – higher quality knowledge distribution needs robust, decentralised systems


Some ideas are elegantly simple: a page dedicated to sharing an ephemeral snapshot of make/learn/tinker project flow of the moment vs your more anchored /about page.

Works philosophically for me. Maybe give it a go for yourself? Start here: /now page 

[With HT admiration and joy for Derek Sivers  
who appears to spawn snips of genius like this, with enviable ease.]