April 2, 2008

Promise to include the boys.. (next time)


It’s been a frenzied few months, but { Huddlemind } is getting stronger by the day and it’s time to look up from the books and get out to play.

Many months ago at a geekdinner in Cape Town, the bright Sarah Blake suggested that we start doing geek.girl gatherings here in South Africa. What a great idea! what appalling timing!
We’ve finally resolved to do something about it: though admittedly we haven’t really rolled up our sleeves on organising a serious event, no extravaganza of prizes, nor yet with seeming effortlessness whipping up a luscious feast for the occasion – because we’re too damn BUSY. As you probably are.

Instead we spoke very nicely to the good peeps at Gardens Virgin Active & Stormhoek who are sponsoring workouts and wine (virtue or vino balance each other out surely) and we’re inviting some of the startlingly bright women we know to just come & hang out at my new fave wi-fi & spot & re.connect ..before we drown in lists and meet our demise ingloriously, at our desks. No karoshi for me thank you!

This isn’t necessarily a GEEK.girl session – I’ve realised there are sadly very few of us xx chromosome creatures who go crazy for code – and more about the tech.supported social media infused lifestyle and embracing the new economy that women are flourishing in. One where relationships have heightened value over process. And where trust is the gold standard.

So all that said, it’s ever a good idea to enrich your networth: come hang out with us at Sinn’s on Wed 9th April afterdirections-to-wembley-squar.gif work at about 6ish . Click on the p

April 2, 2008