<< (The name threw you right? Max Kaizen -BW I’m a xx-chromosomer, and a fairly little one at that). 3rd person bio 

Maximillian Kaizen is a hunter of genius. As an entrepreneur, experimental educator and researcher, she uses love, tech & scientific method to spark impoverished ambitions into innovative resourcefulness and profitability.

She brings commercial expertise and marketing geekery from being partner and programme director at Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy. Melting tech terror for major corporate clients, from the financial sector to national broadcasters.

As a director at Treeshake she helps big old companies rediscover their youthful intrapreneurial spirit; and helps matchmake them with sexy startups that need scale.

From global non-profit, Creative Commons, where she served as Public Lead for South Africa: a fresh approach to more flexible intellectual property with digital tools for governments, artists, scientists and business to safely share their works for faster innovation and richer human culture. She champions the protection of digital rights like universal access, open-education, open-science.

She’s proudly been part of Business Acumen for Artists at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business since 2008, variously as co-director, lecturer, mentor and developing the mentorship program for this innovative business school program, that has truly changed lives and fortunes of creative entrepreneurs.

Max does talks, debates and lectures, variously at universities, business and cultural conferences focus on adventurous global entrepreneurship, indie capitalism, new business models and the alternative ways to finance them now.
There are fewer jobs, but more work than ever (for resourceful humans) – so Max takes this license to skill, very seriously. It has the power flip economic prospects, both at macro- and human-scale, it matters.

[She also has a steadfast duty to share the delights of very nerdy adventures wherever possible. Endeavouring for the sake of our species, to make smart the new sexy].