(The name threw you right? Max Kaizen -BW I am indeed an xx-chromosomer, and a fairly little one at that)

Maximillian Kaizen is a researcher, educator, activist and big fan of tinkering. Chiefly fostering happy relations between humans and machines, somewhere in the mashup of art, commerce and science.

Max is Public Lead for Creative Commons in South Africa, a global organisation that develops and supports the practical  copyright and intellectual property tools for governments, artists, scientists and business to safely share their works for faster innovation and richer human culture. She champions the protection of digital rights like universal access, open-education, open-science where government, business and civil society meet.

As partner and programme director at the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy, she develops courses, field-trips and masterclasses that crack open useful tools, cultural practices and practical digital strategies. Specialising in the discovery and implementation of new business models in the  re-shaping of  global culture and economics.

She has proudly been part of Business Acumen for Artists at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business since 2006, lecturing and developing the mentorship program for one of the most innovative business school programs, that has truly changed lives and fortunes of creators.

Max is an instigator of energetically nerdy pursuits, endeavouring for the sake of our species, to make smart the new sexy.


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  1. Just got fascnated by your ‘out of the box’ profile stay on top

  2. Max,

    It’s funny how things work. I was going over some old documents I have in my possession (1994 Barefoot Press pamphlet with a few of Elaine Rumboll’s poems). I decided to “Scroogle” her and was elated to find that she is on the same trajectory but with even more refined vision now coupled with a nice launching pad to pursue her creativity and genius. Your info popped up and so I decided to chase the trail. I look forward to connecting with Elaine and yourself and share some of the things I’m working on with the Living Teaching, Life-long learning, and most importantly, Unlearning via curiosity. I guess you could say I’m a private intellectual going public.

    I have an idea that I have been holding onto for the right time to parlay with the just the right crew of creative-(g)leaning folks.. I would like to collaborate or at least bounce the idea off you. From the likes of it, I’ve been doing (albeit without conscious intent or the power of social media) what you articulate here on your site for well over 20 years now. I will read your expanded manifesto with anticipation and pleasure. Upon your response, I will send you excerpts from my writing. Wonderful site. Peace & Blessings…

  3. Fantastic creativity and out of the box soul-u-tions….just waiting for the right problem to solve. Perhaps leadership on a Board of Directors on a global NPO to create positive change ? keep up the good work. http://www.globalchange.me on Twitter @ globalchangeme

  4. Nice to meet you Maximillian :)

  5. Great site, nice to meet you.


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