MaxKaizen-picThe names of things often define expectation of their form.
And my man-sized teutonic name might have led you astray: I, Maximillian Kaizen, am an xx-chromosomer, and a little one at that. Surprise!

Luckily, that core oddity has given me an ease with the counterintuitive, seeing beyond the surface of things, and a taste for perplexing problems. I hunt them out. It’s almost inevitably where the best clues are.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
― Carl Sagan

Remarkable (but lesser-understood) oddballs people all too often don’t live to see their formidable powers materialise. I help them to make/do tough stuff they’re proud of. Profitably. Think Morpheus to Neo; Dumbledore to Harry. With a solid dose of 21st century business practice, for good measure. 

I prepare people for heroic missions.


By day, I lecture, research and structure rigorous learning programs for companies or entrepreneurs skilled up and getting their tech-enabled ideas developed, built and tested fast.

I consult on the tricky end of revenue models, trust economics, and market access.

I also speak at conferences; mostly on The Future of __________, or innovative ways out of dangerous situations using machines, human creativity, scientific method and handy internet skills.

Why? It seems that a triumph of commonsense, healthy trade and collaborative genius, is worth a go. With a dash of speed. Before the superintelligent bots dominate our puny species. Or worse, we do ourselves in, with aggressive stupidity. Even if perilous or absurd, it seems a quest worthier than At worst, testing the bounds of our mental daring & ingenuity together = good nerdy fun.

That lone prodigy myth deserves a good quashing. Genius begets genius. Context counts, disproportionately. Engineering the conditions where novel innovations emerge – whether in a company, city, lab or culture – is rarely by happy accident. No point waiting about for a miracle.
It’s a good time to make smart, sexy.


The 3rd person Intro Version:

[Please note: this is about to be amended. I’ve quit it all, and embarking once more, on a fresh set of too-compelling-to say-no-to projects. Thank you ADHD. New creds up by mid’March. If you need it for a talk before then, you’ll know where to mail me]

Maximillian Kaizen is a hunter of genius. She develops accelerated learning programs to help intrepid humans strengthen their opportunities, cognitive capacity and critical new skills for a world where work – and reality – is now open for remix.
(Oh, and make far more interesting use of their leisure time).

She brings commercial expertise and marketing prowess from being partner and programme director at Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy. Melting tech terror for major corporate clients, from the financial sector to national broadcasters.

As a director at Treeshake she helps big old companies rediscover their youthful intrapreneurial spirit; and helps matchmake them with sexy startups that need scale.

From global non-profit, Creative Commons, where she served as Public Lead for South Africa: a fresh approach to more flexible intellectual property with digital tools for governments, artists, scientists and business to safely share their works for faster innovation and richer human culture. She champions the protection of digital rights like universal access, open-education, open-science.

She’s proudly been part of Business Acumen for Artists at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business since 2008, variously as co-director, lecturer, mentor and developing the mentorship program for this innovative business school program, that has truly changed lives and fortunes of creative entrepreneurs.

Max does talks, debates and lectures, variously at universities, business and cultural conferences focus on global entrepreneurship, indie business, digital business models and the alternative ways to finance them now.
There are fewer jobs, but more work than ever  – so Max takes this license to skill, very seriously.

[She also has a steadfast duty to share the delights of very nerdy adventures wherever possible. Endeavouring for the sake of our species, to make smart the new sexy].